December 2018 – Light of City

My New Personal Challenge (And Why It’s Not A Bucket) List

In January I turned 40, a concept I still haven’t mentally wrapped my head around just yet. A year before, when I turned 39, I created a list of I wanted to do before moving into the next decade of my life. They weren’t all travel related, although many were, instead it was a mix […]

Unpredictability Of Travel – Broken Elevators And Hard Days

“Mr. Long? So sorry to trouble you at this hour, but your partner’s just called and he says he’s stuck inside an elevator at the airport.” That was my extremely unlikely wake up call just a few days ago, a conversation that still feels as if it was plucked from a dream or, better said, […]

More Pandas on New China Itinerary

At WWF, it should come as no surprise that we take pandas seriously. Their image has been synonymous with our organization since its inception in 1961. They’re also endangered—threatened by forest destruction and hunting. When we visit China with NatHab, we experience the culture to be sure, but giant pandas are the focus. That’s why […]

6 Things I Will and Won’t Tell You About Travel

There’s no shortage of (mostly) well-intentioned advice swirling around the blogosphere at any given time. Some of it’s good, some of it’s bad and other examples are too confusing to accurately say whether they’re good or bad. I too have joined in on this bandwagon over the years, but of course I hope the advice […]

Wildlife Photo of the Week: Red Fox on the Prairie

Every Friday, we choose our favorite photo of the week from our Wildlife Photo of the Day website. This week we selected a snowy scene in Canada. © Wilma McKenzie Photographer Wilma McKenzie spotted this red fox in an Alberta field. Have you taken some amazing wildlife photos during your travels? Submit your own photos […]