March 2019 – Light of City

Look to the sky and feel the wonder: Gillies Grove, Arnprior

Look to the sky and feel the wonder: Gillies Grove, Arnprior Ontario’s tallest tree – a white pine in Gilles Grove (Photo by NCC) “It’s a reverential place,” I whisper to my companion. “You seem to leave the outside world behind when you step onto the path.” He agrees. “It reminds me of when the […]

Why nature conservation matters to me: A downtowner’s perspective

Why nature conservation matters to me: A downtowner’s perspective Author Michael Paskewitz at Cheakamus Lake, BC (Photo courtesy of Michael Paskewitz) As someone who was born and raised in big cities, people sometimes ask me why I care at all about nature conservation. Some people think it’s odd when someone who did not grow up […]

The Four Sisters & The Valley of Nine Villages: China’s Mythic Creatures & Wild Landscapes

© Brad Josephs Jiuzhaigou Valley and Nature Reserve, deep in the Minshan Mountains, is a veritable fairyland, resplendent with blooming orchids, 220 species of singing birds, primeval forests and cascading waterfalls. Jiuzhaigou translates to “valley of nine villages,” and traditional Tibetan dwellings, their walls displaying vivid, hand-painted motifs, are nestled into the mountainside amid fluttering prayer […]

Incredible Wildlife Sightings in Brazil’s Pantanal

Cassiano (Zapa) Zaparoli is an expert photographer and beloved Expedition Leader for Natural Habitat Adventures. He spent his childhood on his grandparent’s farm in the Brazilian rain forest, and after receiving a degree in Tourism Administration, began a career as a naturalist guide. Every year, Zapa undertakes a personal photographic journey across South America, capturing photos of the continent’s […]

Cockatoos That Drum for the Love of Music

The Cape York, Australia, palm cockatoo is the largest cockatoo in the world. The bird shares a surprising characteristic with humans: musical drumming. ©Jim Bendon, Karratha, Australia, Wikimedia Commons For many of us, music is so much more than just mere entertainment. We use it to wake ourselves up, to make our morning commute go […]

Signing Pledges to Be Better Tourists

Overtourism can hurt popular destinations, such as New Zealand, where total arrivals in 2017 were up 6.7 percent, with Australia, China and the United States the biggest visitor markets. While travel has the potential to positively impact the places visited—infusing money into local economies, supporting local artisans and conservation projects, and promoting understanding across cultures—it […]

19 Nat Hab Travel Destinations Named Top Trips of 2019

With the New Year approaching, travel media outlets such as Lonely Planet, Fodor’s and National Geographic have been curating lists of the best places to go in 2019. Several of Nat Hab’s destinations have been highlighted, from Bhutan’s mystic mountains to Zimbabwe’s wildlife-rich floodplains. Here are 19 nature journeys of note to inspire your travel […]