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More than Travel Guides, Maps Tell Nature’s Stories

Less than five years ago, the shrinking of Arctic ice, such as that near Iceland, pictured above, forced National Geographic cartographers to make a big, visible change in the newest edition of their atlas. Maps are far more than sets of instructions on how to get from Point A to Point B. They tell stories. […]

The Year-Round Land of Evergreens: the Taiga

Beautiful Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, resides in the taiga biome, which is characterized by coniferous forests consisting mostly of larches, pines and spruces. ©Gabriel Caparo, flickr It’s mid-January, the time some people call the “doldrums,” a period of feeling low energy and a lack of motivation after the Christmas and New Year season […]

Wildlife Photo of the Week: American Bald Eagle

Every Friday, we choose our favorite photo of the week from our Wildlife Photo of the Day website. This week we selected an American bald eagle in flight. © Larry Winter Photographer Larry Winter captured this image in Alaska. Have you taken some amazing wildlife photos during your travels? Submit your own photos for the […]

Balancing with the Bears of Katmai

Three commercial flights, a float plane, a two-hundred-ton marine vessel, and a raft; followed by a trek through swamps, rocky shorelines, and dense brush. This was my journey to the isolated wilderness of Alaska’s Katmai Peninsula. A mother bear and cub sit in the tidal flats at Hallo Bay on Alaska’s Katmai Peninsula. © WWF-US/Megan […]

An Unbearable Mine

Gold  and  copper  may  hold  lucrative  prospects for some investors,  but  mining doesn’t  pay  out  for  Alaska’s  Bristol  Bay.  The  proposed  open  pit  Pebble  Mine near  Katmai  National  Park  would  rob  salmon,  bears  and  people  of  their  natural environment and resource-based sustenance. A mother bear and cub sit in the tidal flats at Hallo Bay […]

Audio Tale: Wolf Encounter in Glacier Bay National Park

Out of the thousands of animal encounters naturalist Richard Nelson has had in the wild, it was one with a gray wolf that he describes as “the” moment of incredible grace. ©William Campbell/USFWS One summer morning, while camping on an island far off the beaten path in Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska, naturalist Richard […]

Want a Creativity Boost? Take a Walk in Nature.

Studies show that creativity and problem-solving abilities soar when we spend time in natural places, such as in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. There’s no doubt that today most adults and children spend more time indoors interacting with media and technology than participating in outdoor activities. Numerous studies have shown that spending time in […]