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What’s Going RIGHT In The World: 9 Stories To Restore Faith in Humanity

As someone who writes exclusively about travel, staying up to date on current events around the world isn’t just something I enjoy, but it’s important for my work. I need to know what trouble areas are erupting, what people’s general fears and concerns are and what to look out for on the horizon. Lately, that […]

Digital Detox Travel Experiment – Can I Do It?

A few weeks ago, the fine folks over at approached me with an interesting idea for a project. Instead of sharing every moment of a travel experience, they wanted me to do something very different. They wanted me to enjoy a trip completely devoid of technology and online activity. Since my job is to be […]

The Power of Travel in Turbulent Times

Things aren’t going all that well in the world. Terrorism and general fear is increasing, many people are seeing paychecks and benefits shrink and across the Western World we’re seeing a dramatic escalation in radical politics. This is a travel site though, so I’m not really going to talk about politics, either my beliefs or […]

My Uncomfortable Shift To Being a Carry-On Only Traveler

By nature I am an overpacker and I’m not entirely sure why. Scratch that, I think I know. Throughout my life whenever it came time to pack my bags for a trip, suddenly my imagination would get in the way and I imagined every scenario that could possibly occur. Would I have to look nice […]