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The Great Power of Hospitality in the Travel Experience

There are a lot of people online who want to share their secrets for seeing the world as cheaply as possible. That’s fine I guess, but it’s never been my travel style nor is it something I can easily identify with. Don’t get me wrong, my partner and I are not spendthrifts and like everyone, […]

Five More Ways To Improve Your European Travel Experience

Although I often travel to a variety of places around the world, Europe tends to be a siren call that I can’t ignore. It’s relatively easy to reach from the East Coast where I live and the diversity of the cultures found there guarantees that I’ll never be bored. After spending a lot of time […]

What Every 40-Something Should Know About Travel

If aliens descended on Earth and decided, for some reason, to take stock of the travel blogosphere or even the landscape of travel related content on social media, they would quickly surmise that travel was only for younger people with 6-pack abs or a bikini that exists in theory only. The truth of the matter […]

Safari And The Importance Of Life Altering Travel Experiences

I travel a lot, it’s not only my passion but it’s now my job. And while I honestly love every new place I visit, most of the times they are trips and not necessarily major life experiences. Any journey, I believe, has the power to benefit us in some way but there are just a […]

Benefits (And a Few Cons) of Being a Type A Traveler

In the 1950s, two cardiologists devised a personality theory based on observations of patients in their waiting room. Since then, Types A & B have become not just an important scientific theory, but also an integral part of pop culture. All of us can readily identify with either the competitive and self-critical nature of Type […]

More Travel Tips You Should Ignore

Travel writers and the so-called experts mean well, I get that. I’ve been there, either writing for an online publication or just scribbling from a place of good intentions sometimes we generate travel tips and words of advice that are just plain incorrect. Sometimes they can be misleading, sometimes they can be narrow-minded or tone […]

Travel Industry: Gen X Is Still Here & We Need Some Attention

It seems every week an article pops up touting a shiny new travel innovation or gimmick geared towards appeasing Millennial travelers. Whether it’s hotel redesigns or new tech added to the travel experience, everyone wants to try to snag some of that generation’s travel cash. As a Gen Xer though, I can’t help but look […]

Mistakes, Simple Joys & Other Thoughts On 6 Years of Blogging

It seems unlikely and bizarre to me, but today marks the 6th anniversary of my web site, LandLopers. Six years since I entered the weird world of social media and blogging, six years since I first started sharing my thoughts and emotions online, six years since I started on a course that has forever changed […]

7 More Little Known UNESCO Sites You Should Visit

Last year I wrote a post highlighting some of my favorite, but little known, Sites. That post was so well received I thought I’d publish a Part II and highlight seven more spots around the planet that UNESCO has recognized even if many tourists don’t know about them. While I’m not compulsive about it, I […]